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You will find Sterling Silver Antique Spoon Rings and Bracelets.  Gemstone pendants, earrings, rings, with Amethyst, Garnet, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Citrine, Green Quartz, Spectrolite , Moonstone, Quartz Druzy, Sponge Coral, Turquoise, White Turquoise, Charoite, Seraphanite, Fossils and many more stones here.  We have thousands of Charms, Crosses, Pendants, Earrings, Chains, Bracelets, and rings without stones also. 

Current catagory : Small Post Earrings of all styles
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IN ER-002
Price: $16.00
Sterling Silver Starfish Earrings

IN ER-003
Price: $16.00
Sterling Silver Shell Earrings

IN ER-006
Price: $16.00
Sterling Silver Barefoot Earrings

IN ER-007
Price: $16.00
Sterling Silver I Love You Earrings

IN ER-008
Price: $18.00
Sterling Silver Octopus Earrings

IN ER-009
Price: $18.00
Sterling Silver Penguin Earrings

IN ER-011
Price: $10.00
Sterling Silver Peace Sign Earrings

BA ER-01104
Price: $18.00
Ladybug Post Earrings

BA ER-01130
Price: $18.00
Sterling Silver Snowflake Post Earring

BA ER-01151
Price: $18.00
Penguin Post Earrings

BA ER-01153
Price: $18.00
3-D Fairy Post Earrings

BA ER-01154
Price: $18.00
Sterling Silver Flip Flop Sandal Post Earring

BA ER-01157
Price: $18.00
Cross Post Earrings

BA ER-01294
Price: $18.00
Sterling Silver Egyptian Ankh Post Earring

BA ER-01296
Price: $18.00
Peace Post Earrings

BA ER-01300
Price: $18.00
Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Post Earring

BA ER-01310
Price: $18.00
Moon/Star Post Earrings

BA ER-01311
Price: $18.00
Dolphin Post Earrings (This our all time best selling Dolphin earring)

BA ER-01313
Price: $18.00
Cat Face Post Earrings

BA ER-01314
Price: $18.00
Frog Post Earrings

BA ER-01315
Price: $18.00
Fish Post Earrings

BA ER-01317
Price: $18.00
Dragonfly Post Earrings

BA ER-01320
Price: $18.00
Horse Post Earrings

BA ER-01323
Price: $18.00
Sterling Silver Cowboy Hat Post Earring

BA ER-01329
Price: $18.00
Turtle Post Earrings
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