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AL P-0079 AZ

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AL P-0079 AZ

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Alchemia Handmade Azurite Pendant

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Alchemia Handmade Azurite Pendant (Designed by Charles Albert) (Alchemia by Charles Albert could be called “zero carat gold”. It is an alloy the same color as 14k gold with no gold in it. The metal is polished and a clear lacquer finish is applied on top of it.) Care Instructions: Alchemia Jewelry. Store each piece in individual Ziploc bags. This will minimize scratching. Lotions, oils - including perfumes, hair spray, & cosmetics can cause damage to the jewelry. To avoid this, put on jewelry after using any of these products. To Clean, use warm soapy water, then dry with a soft cloth. We recommend that you DO NOT use polishing cloths or any metal cleaners on Alchemia pieces. The lacquer may become compromised. This will cause jewelry to tarnish. Never dip jewelry in any liquid cleaners. This will cause damage to stones and the protective lacquer.
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Additional Information

Height (inches) 2.25
Length (inches) 0
Width (inches) 1.1

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